Theres no gay DNA in our brains or genetics. Its a learnt behaviour from our environment

June 27, 2015, 7:04 pm

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Feel free to do some research yourself then so that your opinion can be based on both logic and scientific research. I gave a brief synopsis of each study which should help you find them independently, so that you won't have to follow my links. One is a link to Cambridge, so it should be safe but if you don't feel safe following links and have trouble finding the papers I referenced I can get the names of the studies and researchers so that you can find them.

4 years, 12 months ago

Firstly in regards to your previous source citations... TL:DR (j/k really I just don't follow links that I don't know)
My argument is based on logic alone admittedly.

4 years, 12 months ago

That is based on the assumption that it is a rare mutation, and that it has no biological function. Possibly it could function as a preventative measure against overpopulation and, since we are more densely packed than ever before, we are seeing it more. Species without some kind of method to prevent overpopulation would face starvation as the food supply was depleted. You claiming that there is no benefit does not make it so.

Do you have any evidence to support your argument? I previously sited several studies showing evidence for a genetic component to homosexuality, but you seem to have overlooked them when framing your argument.

5 years ago

It's hard for anyone to say what portions of or behaviors are learned. The early formative years have a profound affect on us all. Yet we don't generally remember anything before the age of 4.
Who's to say that a negative experience with someone of the opposite gender couldn't have made a lasting negative impact on you?
And since we're allowing the fact that evolution and genetics are the main driving factor in our behavior, based on earlier arguments, why aren't homosexuals viewed as genetic mutations?
Biologically speaking, there is no benefit to homosexuality. And based on that, shouldn't the number of homosexuals be decreasing instead of increasing since they don't generally produce more people with their specific alleged genetic predisposition to same-sex sexual preference?

5 years ago

lemme start by saying I'm gay. I'm a girl who likes girls. I started liking girls before I knew of anyone else who liked the same sex. I was never taugh about homosexual relationships, or people, or anything on the topic when I started liking girls. Also, I never was taught to not like boys, or to not date boys, or anything from the opposite side of what could be the environment that taught me to be gay. From experience, I say that being gay isn't taught or learned from your environment, it is just something you are born with, whether it's in your DNA, I don't know, but it isn't learned from your surroundings.

5 years ago

Being gay, straight or bi is a biological thing, it's down to chemicals and genetics but it is in no way a disorder or a disease. It's no different from being left handed or right-handed, or having blue or brown eyes. It is absolutely not something that can be controlled. can you change your eye colour? or you hair colour!

Im sure if by some sort of classical conditioning and operant conditioning people could be out off the other sex. For example if they spent their childhood being beaten by women but loved by men, then that would explain a preference for men. However when your talking about being gay, that is an attraction, no different from the attraction between a straight couple!

Gay people, lesbians, bi, straight they are all people and they all deserve to live how they want!

5 years ago

hey smilecookie? I'm twelve, I can't go to a gay bar. Or any bar.

5 years ago

amanofprogress, speaking from experience? If not, then how about you test out that little theory of yours and report back.

This argument discredits gay youth that have grown up in entirely herteronormal families. How would you argue that they have 'learned' to be gay? Being gay isn't like going to school, you can't learn to be gay. You either are or you aren't.

5 years ago

I know on another topic the creator of this debate linked a "news" site and stated that it was "scientifically proven there is no gay DNA in our brains or genetics", but if that is so, why is there still research going on that shows the opposite? If scientists have reached a consensus, why does any casual search show that there are differing views, with most people believing that there is a combination of natural and environmental causes? In case Ashna has trouble finding them, I will link a few. Feel free to read through them and get back to me when you have time.;jsessionid=FC39721621EB929A9B55222A221B9E8C.journals?aid=9625997&fileId=S0033291714002451
A study of 409 pairs of openly gay brothers to see if there were genetic similarities.
A site explaining a great deal of the research that has been done on homosexuality by researchers in the process of doing further research with information about volunteering for the study if you are interested.
A study of identical twins estimating that genetics explained roughly 25% of female sexual preference.

While I am fully aware that none of these are definitive proof, they do indicate that there is likely a genetic component to homosexuality. The scientific community has not reached a consensus yet, so until those doing the research have sufficient evidence to reach a conclusion and agree, perhaps lay people with no expertise should hold their judgment.

5 years ago

Being gay is NOT a choice, wanna prove it? Go to a gay bar or something, have q one nigt stqnd wih someone here, did it feel good? no then? STFU, if it did then maybe youre bi.

5 years ago
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