Trump's policies are going to greatly accelerate the decline and fall of the American empire

January 21, 2017, 2:49 pm

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So we already we're on a decline? Anyhow, the idea that we have as much of an impact as other factors was relevant in the industrial era, as China is still for the most part. However, we've moved drastically towards effective uses of these technologies. It would remove some restrictions on coal, but notably we received news of an oil field in Texas before the end of last year.

I find it unlikely that China would move ahead of us Environmentally considering how screwed their air pollution is, and with less regulation that is their only economic advantage. If we loosened up, not even to the degree China is, the US would move past the Chinese market and stay there.

If we want to worry about a country, India is on the rise to compete with China, and should they successfully pass that momentum will take them beyond nearly on exports alone. It would still be a shitty place to live for most, granted that could be said about China as well.

2 years, 10 months ago
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If everyone had figured it out, coal would be dead right now with no intervention. The fact is, it takes time to make new sources of energy cost efficient. Coal is still a cost efficient way to produce energy. Once other infrastructures are established, we will have new energy.

2 years, 10 months ago

your argument didn't make sense. you compared a source of energy to the energy it produced. you're trying to compare apples to calories.

coal is just about the dirtiest way to generate power. that is why developed countries, including the US until 2 days ago, are phasing it out. there are many cleaner ways to create power. but because Trump doesn't believe in science and he wants to be loved for creating jobs, he is willing to go against what everyone else has already figured out.

when the US stops being a leader, then someone else will step up. at the moment it looks like China might be it.

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Look at it this way, Coal vs. electric in forms of energy correct? well coal is mined and refined and burned in a factory to create energy; but in return puts games in the air that harm the climate. All electric energy is doing is putting a superficial face (in a nutshell) saying "I'm harmless." but in fact this energy that supposedly is harmless comes from the energy grid. aka a power plant that pumps gas into the air like a hobby. Also electric car batteries are made of precious medals that need huge excavation sites to dig up. so i believe coal right now is the better way to go. until the electric energy is fully solar and wind (which big companies have enough money to do) we are just hurting the climate worse.

2 years, 10 months ago

America's position as the world's super power is a precarious one. Being seen as "leader of the free world" grants them a great deal of leeway in their dealings with other states. Trumps's policies are going to undermine that. His protectionist policies are going to trigger trade worlds that could easily tank the American economy. If he was only going to pick on one country then he could probably come out ahead in a trade war. But he is targeting pretty well all of America's trade partners. Putting up tariffs will cause America's allies to seek other trade partners and ultimately America will suffer for it.

His repeated condemnations of NATO is causing America's allies to question whether America will support them. How can you lead the free world if your allies don't trust you? If trump isn't careful America may lose its dominance over the alliance it created.

On day one of his presidency he removed all references to LGBT rights and global warming from the presidential website. He is also promising to greatly increase coal production as the rest of the world tries to reduce the use of coal. Being a world leader requires you to actually lead. By going backwards on human rights and science trump is proving that America has lost touch with the modern world. As America retreats on this issue, China is doubling down on it's commitments to fight climate change. America is rapidly going to become the black sheep as China becomes the world leader.

2 years, 10 months ago
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