Trump should be impeached

November 4, 2019, 1:27 pm

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The action isn't accepted as an offense by the Republican controlled senate, who is his jury in deciding whether he should be impeached. It's almost certainly going to fail and he'll be acquitted and it'll look like a Witch hunt. I hope they just draw it out until the election so he'll have the chance of impeachment hanging over his head when voters go to the polls. If there's a chance a vote for him is a vote for the vice president I'm sure many who would vote for him would either not vote or change their vote.

He deserves impeachment, but does impeachement from a whistle-blowers doesn't that make it harder to make decisions? If a whistle-blower came out agaisnt a seemingly unethical choice a president needed to make in lose-lose situation it'd likely be easy to spin that into a crime. The world is messy and difficult choices are made all the time. It's easy to spin those choices into negative press. When so much information is confidential it's sometimes even impossible to defend yourself publicly.

I'm not saying he doesn't deserve impeachment. He's incredibly corrupt and will do anything to win to remain immune to the DOJ until his statute of limitations runs out. I just believe he should have been impeached with something else like the Mueller investigation.

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