Votes should be weighted by IQ and hardwork

May 17, 2015, 2:43 pm

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What would constitute hard work vs not hard work? Do doctors work harder than construction workers? Do stay at home mom's not contribute and work hard? Could you measure that workload somehow? This is way too complicated of a system to ever be practical, so I'd say it's impractical and unfairly distributes votes.

5 years ago

The problem is determining who works hard, and IQ is not a representation of how good someone's choices will be, just how intelligent they are in one narrow area of testing. Would you want Sheldon Cooper having a deciding vote on public policy? I am aware that he is a fictional character, but he is a good example of extremely high IQ, hard working, but poor choices. Some brilliant people have embraced truly horrifying ideals (genocide, Nazi medical experimentation, eugenics). The one vote per person makes sure that everyone has an equal say in deciding who should represent them.

5 years ago
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