Walks should be mandatory if you are too obese

May 24, 2014, 7:09 pm

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Walking regularly is a good activity for obese people because it can burn a lot of fat and calorie. Consequently, they may lose their weight if they do it regularly. They can do it in the morning by walking around their neighborhood. When they have to go upstairs or downstairs, they can use the stairs instead of elevator. I guess doctor or health expert will also suggest that activity to obese people.

6 years ago

Why do you think obese equals unemployed?? There are plenty of overweight people with jobs, just like there are plenty of skinny people who don't work. Also, forcing people to walk won't encourage them to want to walk - if it's a punishment it will only make them resent it.

6 years ago

We need a Weight Police Department and they will come to your house and force you to walk that day to work or else. Just once per week in order to reduce unemployment.

6 years ago
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