Was hitler really evil. think .

February 20, 2016, 7:08 am

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the mass murder of non combatants would be seen as evil at any point of history. at what point of history do you think Hitler methods would be not evil? medieval? roman? caveman?

this is murder, not some restriction on liberty and equity which have been accepted throughout most of our history.

that being said, evil is not all or nothing. the murder of one's own people in my opinion is far more evil than the murder of others. in that respect, Assad and Stalin are worse. especially since stalin killed comparable numbers of people.

3 years, 8 months ago

it was evil even in the view at the time. that's why be hid what he was doing. he knew most people would see it for the evil it was. if he thought he was a shining hero he would have told the German people what he was doing. he knew it was going to be seen as terrible, he just didn't care.

3 years, 8 months ago
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That's what I stated. It depends upon the perspective you look from. Obviously from a modern perspective, the things he did were incredibly evil and wrong.

3 years, 8 months ago

just because someone doesn't think they are evil, doesn't mean they aren't evil. no one says to themselves"you know what, I'm evil". if that was a requirement then evil wouldn't exist. Hitler was willing to commit genocide on many different groups to achieve his goals. handicapped people, gypsies, Jews, Slavs. he viewed most of the human race as inferior and had no problem exterminating them to create his Lebensraum.

the things he ordered are evil. even his own people would have agreed if they had known everything he was doing. he kept alot of it under wraps for exactly that reason.

3 years, 8 months ago

I posted this on a different thread too, but oh well.
This really depends on who's perspective you are looking from. From a modern standpoint, Hitler was a monster. He murdered millions of people and made refugees out of many more. He was xenophobic and generally rude, but if you are looking from Hitler's perspective, you will find a kind and honest man. Because the truth is, Hitler was not a monster. He was a human. He has been demonized and refuted as a monster, but he was an ordinary man. That's the thing about being human, everyone sees things differently. that's why this app exists. Hitler honestly thought that what he was doing was what was best for his country, what he thought was best for his people. While it was evil through other people's eyes, and through yours, He felt love, loyalty, and responsibility. He just took these things and in his mind twisted them into violent. terrifying things. He didnt sit in a dark room all day glaring at the wall tapping his fingers together and violently whispering "JEWS". He was just being human.

3 years, 8 months ago

in short, I can sympathize with wanting to make your country great. but his methods and ultimately his goals themselves were always racist and genocidal.

4 years ago

he set out from the beginning to exterminate the Jews. while he always remained vague about what the "final solution" was, no other solution would be final.

while nationalism was certainly one of his goals, it was racist, xenophobic nationalism. his ideas called for the creation of "living space" for the German master race. Do you know where that living space was going to be? Russia. he was exterminating Russians to create this.

it wasn't only Jews he persecuted. there was also gypsies, Slavs, people with any kind of handicap. basically anyone who wasn't Western European was genetically scum in his eyes.

4 years ago

He wasn't really evil. He just executed his goal improperly. His goal to restabalize germany and secure a future for the white race was certainly not evil, but the methods in which he used to attempt to accomplish these goals were, to an extent, "evil." The liberals like to make him seem worse than he really was though.

4 years ago

of course he was! he persecuted Jews, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, and the disabled just for being who they are!

4 years ago
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