Water is not wet

January 19, 2019, 3:45 pm

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it appears the consensus is with you, although it seems that the definition of wet has changed since my time in high school. it used to mean full of water (like a sponge) and water would certainly be wet, but now it's about being covered by a film of water and inverse of the surface tension which with water it is high.

you are right that water isnt wet, but not because it is a liquid (like your fire example) but because of its properties. other liquids apparently can get wet.

1 year ago

To say that something is wet means that the water on that something can be removed.

Fire burns things. Fire however is not in and of itself "burned"

Same idea with water: Water wets things but is not in and of itself wet.

If I drop water on a countertop, I can both physically see the water droplets and remove them from the countertop by using a towel. However, if I drop water droplets in a tub filled with more water, I can neither see the droplets nor remove them from the tub of water.

My conclusion:

Water. Isn't. Wet.

1 year ago
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