-We should be allowed to burn the American flag

May 15, 2016, 11:44 pm

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An American flag is a symbol of America, not a symbol of freedom.

If you see the American flag as a symbol of freedom then that is purely you projecting your own values in it.

It would just be someone burning your own personal opinion.

4 years ago

-Burning the American flag is not freedom. It shows us destroying the symbol of freedom. If we do not like the current direction of the country, find a different way to protest. Many people died fighting for that flag. It would be a total disrespect to do such a thing.

4 years ago

I pay taxes taxes go to schools, I don't like the education system therefore by your logic I can burn down schools as a symbol of freedom. That's how your logic is currently showing.

4 years ago

so you want to protect a symbol of freedom by restricting people's freedoms. you don't see the irony in that? if it is their property then they have the right to do with it what they will. why should you get to tell them what to do with their own property.

it sounds more like you are pissing on the memory of everyone who has died protecting freedom by restricting the freedoms they fought for.

4 years ago

Just go piss on the graves of the million of people that died so the American flag could still exist, in particular one that's in your family. Better yet find a family that had a service member die over seas and tell them the world is better place now that he died. Let me know how it goes.

4 years ago

it will be the most shameful act ever. those who agreed are terrorists.

4 years ago
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