We should not trust government with our money

November 19, 2015, 7:38 am

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uhm, are you talking about the government in totality? or by going to the deeper economic level, as the government is divided into the central government and the central bank?

Additionally, by not trusting the government with your money, are you saying not to invest your money to the bank? y-e-a-hhh I'm not sure that that's a good idea. For one, the value of your currency, and ultimately your money, changes over time. It can have its ups and down and depending on the growth of your country's economy, it can benefit you or otherwise. But in retrospect, not investing to the bank is going to be challenging as you are out of the currency trends and even the value of gold is constantly changing and have plummeted over the years because there are now more opportunity costs. It would be good to look more into economics given the statement.

3 years, 12 months ago
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