We shouldn't kill animals.

September 10, 2018, 3:03 pm

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We are on our way to a future where we have the ability to continue to consume meat without killing a single animal, but that's not really a viable future. The environment relies on the culling of animal populations, which is something we track and act upon. So (hopefully) relatively soon, most of the meat on store shelves with be "synthetic", but no matter what, we have to kill animals. And of course we can and should kill them humanely.

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I also do agree, grown meat will eventually be the gold standard as it will be cheaper and superior... eventually.

but I don't think that will result in anything humane happening to the animals because of it. they wont he surviving as species, and noone will support them all forever for no reason. maybe a few examples in some zoos.

we should absolutely try to treat the (not insect or rodent) animals with respect, but long term view, I dont see how we will be able to share this planet. its not even that far away really.

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To sum up I agree completely that the way the meat industry treats animals is savage and inhumane, I think it's wrong and should be stopped... But I disagree with the head statement because I don't think that's really the solution, killing for consumption is not a human invention, it existed before we did and will continue to exist after we're extinct if the eco system stays rich and vivid (if this planet is lucky enough)

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Ethically and morally speaking there is a part to the human that experiences great love and sympathy towards animals. The other part of our nature is intrinsic and more predatory.

One day science will create supplemental meals, meals identical to the genetic make up of meat. They will either begin to clone animals, genetically engineer meats or something else of the technological sort.
If that happens then there will be no point for animals to suffer by our hand. Whoever leads this should win the Nobel Peace prize.

We shouldn't kill animals but we do. It's wrong by most empathetic human ethics but a current necessary component to our survival.

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what predators? most predators are extinct or on the way to it. heck most prey that we dont use is losing ground fast. being useful to humans is a huge evolutionary advantage.

even without predators, these animals are unlikely to survive long (as a species). just like we bred dogs to be our friends, partners, and security gaurds, we bred food to be food. fat, slow, stupid.

we should treat them more humanely, but ditching meat wont bode well for the animals we eat. a few examples in some zoos will be their best fate.

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Animals viciously hunt and consume each other naturally, I'd say that we can be much more merciful than a lion or a hyena when we kill animals for consumption because we're not wild animals, we can make sure the animals are well treated and healthy during their lives, and we can make sure they don't feel any pain... We don't sink our teeth into the raw flesh of living animals, so let's be reasonable... let's say we stopped killing animals, will we then protect them from their natural predators too? Isn't it a lot of pain and suffering for an animal to be eaten alive by another animal aswell? Where will this idealistic action lead us? Can we really expect and limit the damage that such a huge step will have on the planet's eco system? I think there are too many factors that aren't really thought through.

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