When anger controls you it is hard to be liberated from your anger

June 6, 2015, 2:28 pm

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I am the opposite. When I was younger, I had a short temper and had trouble controlling it. At university I was confronted with many people who had very different views, beliefs and opinions than I had been exposed to growing up in a rural community. At first I was frustrated and angry that so many people could be so wrong, but as I talked to them and started seeing where they were coming from, I started either changing how I saw the world, or at the least understanding why they had a different world view that I did. Not I don't tend to get angry when someone has a different opinion, I try to understand why they do. I still often disagree, but I can disagree without condemning the other person.

I still get angry if I feel someone has wronged me, but I find it easier to step back and try to understand their motives and let it go.

4 years, 8 months ago

I find the older I get, the angrier I get. When I was young anger wasn't very controlling. I could stop anger within a half-hour of having experienced in order to act or behave rationally. But at this point in my life I find anger happens very often, very hotly and controls what I do. It's a weakness and I don't like it. But that fact, nor repeating the phrase nor practicing the methods of control I used to use work. The anger and the anxiety are debilitating.

In my experience, it is because anger controls what you want. It informs you that what you want to do is go on the attack, or to withdraw. Anger against a sufficiently powerful object instigates hopelessness. But hopelessness while living on a minimal economic level leaves you on deathground and makes you want to turn around from hopelessness and fight with rage and spite.

Rage and anger can probably be valuable tools in the right situations and for the right reasons. But when you can't control it and it's just happening inside yourself as a part of your nature, it's extremely difficult to deal with. With depression you can pick yourself up and act not depressed by pretending to add happiness. But anger is something which needs to be oppressed to be controlled when it is seeking to control.

You can warm yourself up by making a fire, but standing by a fire you can't cool yourself by making ice.

4 years, 8 months ago
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