When will the govt realise that they have destroyed society by oversexualising everything

August 4, 2017, 12:33 am

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how would you define Islamic then. Saudi Arabia is a theocratic society built on a strict and literal translation of the quran.

9 months, 2 weeks ago

Also Im going to save you the humiliation before you make the uneducated claim that Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country. It is not. It is a Muslim country, yes, but not an Islamic one. You can thank me in your mind.

10 months, 3 weeks ago

Your first paragraph was irrelevant and Ive disproven it anyway on the other post.

Your second paragraph is also irrelevant because I have already explained the damage that it has done in the other post. However if you cant see that, it is because you are an unwitting victim.

And no, Im not trying to tell you that since I never mentioned voting or property anyway. I never even mentioned those 2 things so you must be having severe hallucinations. Indeed a woman wearing revealing clothes is objectifying. women are half naked all over TV, movies, music video, and magazines and are thus seen as sexual objects. Once again if you cant see that, it is because you are an unwitting victim (or perpetrator and thus dont want women to cover up since they will no longer be able to visually appease your sexual desires).

The claim that wearing more clothe is backward is also highly uneducated because, if you look at history, you would clearly notice that the less developed a society is, the less clothe they wear. For example tribes etc in Africa wear very little clothe. Therefore I would advise you to refrain from making such claims in the future.

Now if you had bothered to actually do any research rather than spouting nonsense this entire time, you would know that your claim is pure fiction. If porn reduces rape, why does the USA (where porn is legal) have thest rates of rape on the planet? Come on, think for once. In fact from the top 10 coubtrues with the highest rated of rape, 8 are countries where porn is legal or very easily accessible.

You also clearly dont know what desensitisation is so I would encourage you to research it before you speak again.

What Im stating are not only backed by facts, but by common sense too. Please attain that before continuing this discussion.

P.S a woman leaving the house wothout a man is not that bad an idea and in such a country aka saudi arabia, the rape rate is one of the lowest on the planet so please educate yourself because you just look like a huge bubble of ignorance.

10 months, 3 weeks ago

sex is absolutely cultural. the nuts and bolts of it are biology but how we view it, how we engage in it, whether we are ashamed of it or embrace it is all determined by our culture.

not all change is good. but in order to say that change is damaging society you need to prove damage has been done.

what do you mean it has led to objectification? it's only been a few decades that women have been considered legally people. you're trying to tell me a highly conservative society where women can't vote, own property (or leave the house unescorted by a man), isn't objectifying women but a women choosing to show off her sexuality is? that is extremely backwards.

if you bothered to do any actual research you would know that porn actually decreases rape cases. studies have shown this in several countries. as the access to porn rises rape rates have fallen. so again, you have it backwards.

10 months, 3 weeks ago

First of all, sexuality is not cultural. I dont know what planet you come from but on planet Earth, we humans (males) are naturally attracted to certain female body parts. This is universal all across the world so the claim that it is cultural is false. At least on Earth anyway. Yes society is changing but there are good changes and bad changes. To claim that all changes are good is a fallacy. However naturally, those who are not of leadership in a society would accept and conform to whatever change has occurred in the society after a period of time and then find a million ways to defend it. This is their nature and theyre not to be solely blamed.

The damage that it has done is clear to anyone who has opened their eyes.It has led to objectification, high rape rates, sexual perversion, immodesty etc.

Many rapists on trial have admitted that the reasons they committed the crime was because they had become desensitised to pornography and so needed something more to give them the rush and pleasure. All these common sensical outcomes that could easily have been predicted yet there are people who still cant see it. what a shame. Good thing Islam implements measures to prevent perversion of the degree of which the West is suffering without knowing.

Tbh i thought the effects were quite obvious and was thus shocked to see you respond with ignorance. i thought everybody knew by now. clearly not in the west. Its understandable i guess, seeing as theyve all been desensitised to such filth.

10 months, 3 weeks ago

first of all, sexuality is cultural. the government has nothing to do with that, nor should they.

in what way is more sexualization destroying society? society is changing but every society changes over time. if you want to try to argue that it is causing damage you will have to actually show evidence of damage.

10 months, 3 weeks ago

Society has been corrupted and destroyed to such a degree that it is impossible to avoid sexual material astaghfirullah. children are learning about sex earlier and earlier, people are wearing less and less, more and more people are having affairs, TV shows are showing more and more nudity etc. this is due to the effects of accumulated oversexualisation of society and the media in general. Though i dont expect Trump to do this since he is a pervert that wants to fornicate with his daughter, the next president must implement policies of strict govt censorship on media and promotion as well as heavy sanctions for organisations, individuals amd companies which break these laws. It has gotten out of hand.

10 months, 3 weeks ago
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