Why do people belive in aliens by dont belive in god

May 23, 2017, 8:46 am

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fascinating development. scientists refuse to call this alien... because that's what we call everything until an actual explanation shows up (or god), but all natural explanations failed, but now we get to watch it in real time and really dig into this mystery.

3 years ago
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where did you get the idea that the universe is infinite? nobody knows this, yet you say it as an obvious certainty.

3 years ago

Because universe is infinite. If it's infinite, by mathematical calculations we get that chance aliens exist (as a random beings) are 99.9% It's like if a monkey will write books forever, what's the chance he will write my book? It's 100% because a term INFINITY. Aliens are not contradictable (God is) and science supports aliens.

3 years ago
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