Women deserve more respect than what they get in society today.

October 9, 2015, 2:43 am

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Men can be stay at home dad's without being lazy. The fact that you feel differently shows that you really have no concept of what goes into raising kids.

The idea that men and women want different jobs and that's why they are paid differently would work except that women are consistently paid less FOR THE SAME JOB.

In many cultures beating your wife is acceptable as she is not really a person. Do you agree with that or do you feel that maybe we shouldn't accept inequality because "that's the way it's always been done"?

Women should stay home and be happy, but men are lazy if they do that. You don't see any inequality in that logic? Beyond that, it is impossible for many families to live on a single income at this point since wages have not kept up with cost of living.

4 years ago

If you are talking about pay, Females normaly don't go for high paying jobs,they go for jobs that interest them/enjoy. Like teachers, social workers...Us men tend to get higher paying jobs because we want to be the main bread winners in the family...and yes some jobs women will get paid less then men in manual labor...but on the contrast no man is going to be a cocktail waitress in hooters...

4 years ago

It was just how many cultures set up there social system...the man does the work outside the home and the wife took care of business at home...In almost all cultures...until the ladies were board of staying at home and wanted more in life...then again some women still have that idea of staying at home...but no males want to do that unless they are pure lazy...

4 years ago

It was a sexist idea that the man should be in charge and the woman subservient.

4 years ago

No. What happend to the man of the house.

4 years ago

Women are consistently paid less than men for the same jobs, sometimes by a third. Women are stereotyped, as you have, as depending on their looks, when this is often not the case. Women face far more insults and demeaning attitudes than men and are referred to as bitches. There are many examples.

It is not as dire as rabid feminists would like to portray, but there are still problems.

4 years ago

There are someee that are very deserving of respect. Young queens with goals in their minds. But being a high school student these days, I see firsthand how many girls are relying on looks to get them thru life and get them a rich man that will take care of them. Idk about you but i just cant respect that.

4 years ago

no there bitches now

4 years ago

Give me some examples...

4 years ago
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