Would you allow your mate to show favoritism with your kids

February 5, 2016, 8:08 pm

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While it is not always possible to be impartial, any good parent should seek to treat their children with equal love and respect.

If the favouritism is in the form of spending more time together, it could simply be a shared interest. If one child likes football, and the other does not, the fan would have more time to bond with a parent who watches the game. Likewise any other sport, craft, or hobby. If I had one child who loved cooking, I expect they would spend more time with my wife (who also loves cooking) than a sibling who did not. If one loved video games, they could be my player two. Sometimes, while it is favouritism to a degree, it is self selected by interest.

If my wife punished one child for a behavior she permitted from the other, I would tall to her, in private, to find out why and address it. I know she would do the same if she saw such behavior from me. If it is an unconscious thing, just talking about it should help. If it is not, then the cause needs to be addressed.

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