You are not a woman so you wouldn't understand is not a valid feminist argument

June 30, 2015, 5:47 pm

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I disagree this.
And it isn't good if any woman read it

4 years, 9 months ago

Rhetoric aside, this is why simply claiming that you are not a woman is not a valid feminist argument.
Let's see why.
What do feminists seek?
Acceptance, Rights, Special Care, so on and so forth.
Now it is impossible to argue that men haven't at some point in their lives sought the same. They seek the same things in a different context. They might not feel oppressed when it comes to an issue like woman representation in local councils but he faces oppression when it comes to issues like income tax and management assets. The results of the oppression are largely similar. Which is why women can't claim that not being a woman disregards your say in feminist agenda.

5 years ago

i agree with psyche Dave, there are definitely things men cant understand because they can't experience them. But when your talking about gyms, if they are going to create an all female One because men objectify women you should also create a men's only one because women will also objectify a man!

5 years ago

I just wanted to see if there was a valid argument that I was missing that she wasn't able to articulate.

5 years ago

The point of the discussion was if it was a valid point, which I believe isn't. There is no valid proof to back the statement up. Yes women do PMS and have suffered, but so have men the only difference is that men aren't able to complain as much as women do. Yes, women have kids and have raised them alone, but so have men. The point im arguing ia that you can't fight against gender inequality when you yourself downgrade women to gain sympathy, the right way to do it is to show their capability and many women have. On the discussion that men and women don't get paid equally has nothing to do with gender, the only reason being is that there's more men workers. As for the currency they're making a bill with a women's face to show young girls that they too can be powerful leaders. Other than that I would think there are greater issue at hand then just feminism, which would be poverty, war, terrorism (domestic, international and cyber), education and corruption. I'm not saying women having equality and standing up isn't important, but I believe that they're at a good standing point at the moment.

5 years ago
replied to...

Well, she must be American. I'm pretty sure Canadian women don't have it that bad... I only ever seem to be working for female managers. There are women in every construction company I see working. Many women I know of are succeeding in college or university.

But I guess women in gyms with men are never objectifying the men, eh? And saying otherwise would be sexist.

5 years ago

This was on a message board, so I don't know how much was trolling, but she seemed earnest.

5 years ago

I can accept that you so not know what pms, childbirth and other physical experiences are like, as I have never and could never experience them.

The argument came in response to my questioning why women's only gyms were not only morally acceptable, but needed, but men only gyms would be unethical and sexist.

She said that women felt uncomfortable exercising with men because men objectify them and that they were far more comfortable exercising without that influence. I agree that this is a problem and have absolutely no issue with women's only gyms.

She then went on to say that if there was a gym that was exclusively for men, it would be sexist to exclude women, and therefore would be unethical.

When I questioned her logic, she said I couldn't understand because I am a man and have every advantage in society.

5 years ago

I agree with this.

It may be that we agree with this because we are men.

If that were the case, could we know?

Also, you can't know what PMS is like.

5 years ago
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