You are not free if you depend on the government in any way

March 19, 2014, 7:04 am

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Free for what? To cut someone's throat? Government is for people and it is biased. If chickens had a government and were strong as us, there would be a war between us and the one who wins would be eating another. Now it is illegal to kill people but its not illegal to kill a chicken. The people working as a government are humans and they love chicken so they go to KFC and don't care for what crime was the chicken punished to get fried. Government is nonsense if it doesn't serves. It makes rules and laws and then make rules and laws to follow them and then make rules and laws for the people who don't follow them. Yes we are not free. But there need to be someone who can judge the good and bad, who can give justice! People should fear something that will stop them from doing wrong acts, and that something should be government. Freedom depends on the person. If a thief has a freedom to loot people, what about the freedom of people who are getting looted. Here the freedom was in favor of the thief. If that thief is caught by police another day and you got all your things then it is in your favor. So the freedom depends...

5 years ago

riter, people dont depend on the government because they want to. Well....some do. but the majority dont have enough options. minimum wage hasnt risen with inflation over the years. its hard to make a living on minimum wage unless you do get help from the government. its what I like to call economic slavery. it is possible to break out of it but the real point is, you shouldnt have to work multiple jobs at one time while in school to do so. you should have an opportunity from the day you are born instead of having to create one for yourself. Freedom isnt being able to make a living without the government. To me freedom is being free from the social restraints society chains us dowm with. self sustained and off the grid, only way I can see being free. Truly free anyway.

5 years, 1 month ago

Working in a state-owned company is a choice but being a business person is also a choice. Whatever the choice is, keep persevere for what you’ve started and don’t stop in the middle of its process. Stopping in mid way means you give up before you try until the end of your struggle.

5 years, 3 months ago

The fact is in democratic countries people depend on government.

5 years, 11 months ago
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