You can not prove how the world was created

April 27, 2016, 9:06 pm

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we can not prove how the world was created yet. yet is the critical part of that sentence. at one point we couldn't prove why we have 4 seasons or why the sun rises every day. science eventually proved that it wasn't mighty Apollo in his fiery chariot. it was a natural process with no Gods involved. the creation of our planet will someday be proven beyond a doubt some day as well.

3 years ago

"I think we cannot fully prove how the Earth was created without some speculation on both sides. We can use data to form more theories or hypothesis, but in a scientific mind everything is never always known certainly." -Dalton7532

3 years ago

You are right we can not prove how it was created. But with theory of the big bang, the world and everything in it is made from star stuff; it's a widely excepted view. Maybe God stroke a match and said "let there be light". We don't know the actual facts, only in theory....

3 years ago
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