You should only be in a relationship if you are in love with the person

January 3, 2014, 12:54 pm

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Maybe it's just a couple of people who want to have fun?

6 years ago

I agree. There should be love in a good relationship. Relationship without love is not a strong one and I don’t think we can call it a relationship. However, some people feel comfortable having a relationship without. Their motive to run that relationship is to get a lot of money since their partners are rich people. Anyway, as I mentioned before, that kind of relationship is not a good and a strong one.

6 years ago

I think you can be in a relationship without love, provided BOTH people are aware it's for convenience, sex, monetary reasons or whatever else. As long as the relationship is open and honest, it can be whatever you chose with your partner. We would like to believe fairy tales and romance novels, but the odds are against true love and happily ever after. Just do what makes you happy without hurting anyone in the process.

6 years ago

Yeah... I agree in principle. But, you know, so many relationships become financial arrangements. The kids are involved, you're working all the time, whatever and it's just a way to keep your life together. I guess that's sad though...

6 years ago
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